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Welcome to Enantiotech Catalysts

Enantiotech Catalysts Pvt. Ltd. Is an organometallic company located at Hyderabad, the pharma hub of India. Incorporated with a very humble approach dedicated to research and develop Chiral metal catalysts and Chiral building blocks. We are specializing in discovery and development of new catalysts and commercialization of existing high value catalysts. New product development and market oriented research is our main focus and thrust. Our vast chemical resource combined with excellence in organic chemistry and supported by scientific research centers, uniquely enables us to provide cutting edge research based high performance products with comprehensive valuable services for general well being.

Enantiotech Catalysts Pvt. Ltd. is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced people. We have broad expertise in route designing of difficult multi step catalyst synthesis, process optimization and scale up, especially as applied to complex chiral molecules. A wide exposure and deep understanding of the industry gives us insight into the needs of the changing market. The organization believes in the concept of total quality management emphasizing on strong customer relationship, management, high quality and on –schedule delivery of its products. We strive to upgrade the existing standards of quality through innovation and hard work. Our products pass through stringent quality checks to ensure that only the best product reaches to our customers.


Dr. Sambasiva R Poreddy, Managing Director of Enantiotech Catalysts Pvt. Ltd., is a doctorate in chemistry. He has worked one year in Pharma industry at Hyderabad. Then he has moved to school of pharmacy, university of Mississippi, USA as post doctoral fellow. He worked there for nearly four years, later he came to India. His area of research interests are organometallic chemistry and catalyst synthesis. During his pre doctoral and post doctoral period he worked on polymer supported metal complexes & chiral rhodium catalysts and developed solid phase chiral rhodium catalysts for cyclopropanation and C-H insertion reactions.

Ms. Aruna Poreddy, Director of Enantiotech Catalysts Pvt. Ltd., is a post graduate in medicinal chemistry. After completion of her masters, she moved to USA and there she worked as project fellow at dept. of medicinal chemistry, University of Mississippi, USA. Later she came to India and worked as analytical chemist in reputed pharmaceutical industries. She has vast experience in the field of NMR and HPLC and her analytical experience is more added advantage to Enantiotech Catalysts Pvt.Ltd.

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